The IOB DD form PDF is basic document provided by the Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) for facilitating secure and convenient financial transactions. Here DD stands for Demand Draft, which is a method of payment where the issuing bank makes the payment on behalf of the payer. This form is used when an individual or entity wants to make a payment to a third party or make a transfer to another account in a different location. If you want to obtain an IOB DD, you need to fill out the IOB DD form with specific details.

The IOB DD Form PDF includes fields for the name of the payer, payee, the amount to be paid, the location where the payment is to be made, and any additional instructions or remarks. It’s important to ensure that all details are accurate to prevent any discrepancies in the transaction.

IOB DD Form PDF – Self Details Required

  • Applicant Details
  • Name
  • Address
  • Saving/Current A/c no.
  • Contact person
  • no., mobile, phone no.
  • Email Address
  • Authorized Signature

IOB DD Form – Beneficiary Details Required

  • Name of beneficiary
  • Address
  • Details of Bank account of the beneficiary
  • Correspondent/ Intermediary Bank
  • Purpose of payment
  • Forward contract details.

IOB DD form PDF Download

You can download the IOB DD Form PDF using the link given at the top of this page or you can visit the official website of Indian Overseas Bank.

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