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My Life and Mission, this lecture was delivered by Swami Vivekananda in California. It gives a vivid picture of how his great heart bled for the suffering millions of India, and also his plan for the uplift of his motherland to the position of her past glory. In these pages the reader also finds the great Swami speaking so poignantly about himself, his inner struggle and sorrow.

My Life and Mission is a must reading book for all those who want to feel the charm and force of Swamiji’s thoughts. He vowed to dedicate his life completely to the service of humanity, of God in man. And, for this, he decided to implement, through practical measures, the universal Vedantic vision of human dignity. He also summoned and involved the youth of India in this high mission.

My Life and Mission by Swami Vivekananda

From the Voice of Swamiji,

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, the subject for this morning was to have been the Vedanta Philosophy. That subject itself is interesting, but rather dry and very vast.

Meanwhile, I have been asked by your president and some of the ladies and gentlemen here to tell them something about my work and what I have been doing. It may be interesting to some here, but not so much so to me. In fact, I do not quite know how to tell it to you, for this will have been the first time in my life that I have spoken on that subject.

Now, to understand what I have been trying to do, in my small way, I will take you, in imagination, to India. We have not time to go into all the details and all the ramifications of the subject; nor is it possible for you to understand all the complexities in a foreign race in this short time. Suffice it to say, I will at least try to give you a little picture of what India is like.

It is like a gigantic building all tumbled down in ruins. At first sight, then, there is little hope. It is a nation gone and ruined. But you wait and study, then you see something beyond that. The truth is that so long as the principle, the ideal, of which the outer man is the expression, is not hurt or destroyed, the man lives, and there is hope for that man. If your coat is stolen twenty times, that is no reason why you should be destroyed. You can get a new coat. The coat is unessential. The fact that a rich man is robbed does not hurt the vitality of the man, does not mean death. The man will survive.”

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