Medical Certificate Form

Medical Certificate Form for starting new duty proforma, a doctor’s fitness certification, and medical fitness certificate format and performance A medical certificate, often known as a doctor’s certificate, is a written declaration by a doctor or other medically certified health care professional attesting to the findings of a patient’s medical examination.

It can be used as a “Sick Note” or as proof of a medical condition, proving that an employee is unfit for duty. This medical certificate, which may be granted by any doctor, may also be used when you apply for a driver’s license.

Medical Certificate Form – How to Apply

Please look for your nearest doctor OR go to the clinic or government hospital (where a licensed medical professional who may provide such a certificate is accessible). The link provided at the bottom of this page allows you to download the Medical Certificate Form in PDF format. Fill out this form, include a passport-size photo, have medical professionals review it, and then, if necessary, the applicant may need to undergo laboratory tests. An applicant will be given a medical certificate after the test results are available, or if the test is not necessary in specific circumstances.

Medical Certificate Form – Purpose and Uses

Medical certificates are sometimes required to obtain certain health benefits from an employer, to make an insurance claim, for tax purposes, or for certain legal procedures. Medical certificates are used to indicate eligibility of activity, such as the use of disabled parking. Medical certificates can also be used to describe a medical condition a person has, such as blindness. Medical certificates are often used to certify that someone is free of contagious diseases, drug addiction, mental illness, or other health issues.

Medical Certificate Form – Documents Required

  • Recent Passport size photographs.
  • ID Proof
  • Test results (As advised by the medical officer OR the concerned agencies that require this certificate)
  • Letter from a reputed Indian hospital or medical center.
  • Valid medical certificates from a known hospital.

Medical Certificate Form – PDF Download

Download the Medical Certificate Form in PDF format using the link given below.
Download PDF

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