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A Character Certificate Pdf is an official certificate issued by an institution or a company or the government that proves that you, being a citizen of India do not have any criminal record and have no court cases going on against your name. Hence, it acts as a good background check for a person.

A character certificate or a police certificate is a certificate issued by a government authority, police, or any other institution to an individual stating that the latter does not have any criminal proceedings or bad records in their previous institutions.

Character Certificate – Documents Required

  • Letter of Recommendation by Head of the Department, Government of State or Central (Government employee) Or
  • Police Verification Report from the local Police Station (Non-Government employee) Or
  • Letter of Recommendation by the Head of Educational Institution (Student)
  • Passport-sized Coloured Photo.

Types of Character Certificates

Apart from the standard police-verified character certificate, there are several types of certifications that you should know of, such as:

  • Certificate for job
  • Character certificate for students
  • Character certificate used in India.

Who can Provide a Character Certificate?

Character certificates can be signed by gazetted officers or:

  • Collector
  • Doctor
  • Gazetted Officer of Central/ State Government
  • Headmaster of the school.
  • IAS officer.
  • Professor of College or University.
  • MLA
  • MP

Character certificates state that the individual in question does not have any bad character or criminal proceedings against them. Furthermore, these certificates are mandatory in many government and non-government jobs. They may also be required for immigration, business, or other professional requirements.

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