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The Indian Struggle Part-1 by Subhas Chandra Bose, Due to the British Government’s embargo, the 1935 London publication could not be released until 1948 in India.  .Mission To enable a larger reach, Netaji is providing this electronic edition. The book examines a time period of the Indian independence fight, from the early 1920s Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movements through the early 1940s Quit India and Azad Hind Movements.

The Indian Struggle Part-1 Book PDF Summary

In the first part of The Indian Struggle, Lawrence and Wishart produced a book in 1935 in London that covered the years 1920–1934. Bose was in exile in Europe after being detained and arrested by the colonial administration due to his affiliation with the revolutionary organization the Bengal Volunteers and his alleged involvement in a number of violent crimes.

Bose had to primarily rely on recollection while writing the book in Vienna because he did not have access to any documentary information. Bose was detained and the book’s original manuscript was taken away when he arrived in Karachi in December 1934 in defiance of the colonial government’s ban on his entry into India.

The next year, the book was published in London and garnered favorable reviews from the British media. It was quickly outlawed by the British in India, and Samuel Hoare, the Secretary of State for India, defended this decision in front of the House of Commons by arguing that it encouraged terrorism and popular direct action.

The Indian Struggle Part-1 Book Content

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Background of . Indian Polity
  • Landmarks in British Rule in India The New Awakening in India
  • Organisations, Parties and Personalities
  • The Clouds Gather (1920)
  • The Storm Breaks (1021)
  • The Anti-Climax (1922)
  • The Swarajist Revolt (1923) Deshabandhu C. R. Das in Power (1924-25)
  • The Slump (1925-27)
  • In Burmese Prisons (1925-27)
  • The Barometer Rises (1927-28)
  • Signs of Coming Upheaval (1929)
  • Stormy 1930
  • The Gandhi-Irwin Pact and After (1931) Mahatma Gandhi in Europe (1931)
  • The Fight Resumed (1932) Defeat and Surrender (1933-34)
  • The White Paper and the Communal Award
  • The Role of Mahatma Gandhi in Indian History
  • The Bengal Situation
  • A Glimpse of the Future
  • Appendix

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