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SGFI Games List 2023: For students in schools all over India, the School Games Federation of India (SGFI) arranges a variety of sporting events and contests. Young athletes can compete at the national level and display their talents at these games.

Games for the U-14, 17 and 19-year-old Boys and Girls will be held in November and December 2023. The School Games Federation of India, Campus of Secondary Education Lucknow, is available for the students to contact for selection and trial. See the SGFI games list for the 67th National Games, which will take place in November and December 2023, below.

SGFI Games Full Form

The School Games Federation of India (SGFI)

SGFI Games List 2023-24

Sr. NoGamesAge Group
1Archery U-14,17,19 B&G
2AthleticsU-14,17,19 B&G
3Badminton U-14,17,19 B&G
4BoxingU-14,17,19 Boys
U-17,19 Girls
5HockeyU-14,17,19 B&G
6ShootingU-14,17,19 B&G
7TennisU-14,17,19 B&G
8Weight Lifting U-17,19 B&G
9WrestlingU-14,17,19 B&G
10Basket Ball U-14,17,19 B&G
11FootballU-14,17,19 B&G
12JudoU-14,17,19 B&G
13Swimming & DivingU-14,17,19 B&G
14Table TennisU-14,17,19 B&G
15Gymnastics U-14,17,19 B&G
16Taekwondo U-14,17,19 B&G
17Volley Ball U-14,17,19 B&G
18Handball U-14,17,19 B&G
19BaseballU-14,17,19 B&G
20Fencing U-14,17,19 B&G
21RugbyU-14,17,19 B&G
22SoftballU-14,17,19 B&G
23KarateU-14,17,19 B&G
24Cycling U-14,17,19 B&G
25Beach Volley Ball U-14,17,19 B&G
26Water PoloU-19 Boys
27Modern Pentathlon U-17,19 B&G
28ChessU-14,17,19 B&G
29Kabaddi U-14,17,19 B&G
30Sepak Takraw U-14,17,19 B&G
31Wu -Shu U-17,19 B&G
32Soft Tennis U-14,17,19 B&G
33Cricket U-14,17,19 Boys
U-17,19 Girls
34Squash U-14,17,19 B&G
35SkatingU-14,17,19 B&G
36Kurash U-14,17,19 B&G
37Net Ball U-14,17,19 B&G
38Kho-KhoU-14,17,19 B&G
39Yoga AsanasU-14,17,19 B&G
40Mallakhamb U-14,17,19 B&G
41Thangata Martial ArtsU-14,17,19 B&G
42Gataka U-17,19 B&G
43KalaripayattuU-17,19 B&G

SGFI Games List 2023 PDF

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